We understand that we all need different things at different times of our lives and that is true both personally and professionally. Our range of Specialist Courses are there to give you what you need right now!

If you need a burst of enthusiasm in your working life, a huge spoonful of inspiration and suitcase full of practical ideas then have a look at Adventures with Alice. These one- or two-day course are guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

Or maybe you are looking for Continued Professional Development that will build over time and give you and your team deep knowledge and understanding, the confidence to make changes, and a clear vision for you and your setting.

Are you thinking of taking that big, brave step toward becoming a trainer; delivering outstanding, thought provoking, enjoyable sessions with your team? We have the perfect introduction (or refresh) that will immerse you in the captivating world of changing lives; become a Learning Provocateur.

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Our professional development training programmes are designed to empower, enrich, motivate and revitalise staff working with children across all age ranges and settings.

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