What a year! I have been in education for 28 years and I don't think I have ever seen such a changing landscape!

Our training studios have been jam packed this year with professionals, students and like-minded folk eager to expand their expertise and engage in exciting and active learning.  We have looked at their suggestions to create the content for this coming year.

I myself am ‘back on the floor’ in Castlemilk, London and Japan expanding and developing my own pedagogy.  I am also engaged in a master’s programme at The Royal Conservatoire which finds me sharing professional dialogue with puppeteers, sculptors, drummers, ballet dancers and film makers.  A joy to talk about learning with a different flavour to the dialogue.  All of this will be woven into future training.

Let this year be your year, when you engage in ‘mindset change’, challenging yourself in an area of learning which takes you out of your comfort zone or sees you participating in a session to enhance skills that you love to share with the children.

Our programme this year encourages you to engage in opportunities to grow your skills for the benefit of our children and families.  CPD contributes to work based and professional development, enabling us to develop our own knowledge, skills and personal qualities.

Why not have a look, select and come along to our ‘wonderland’ of adventures…

Alice Sharp     



CPD 2019-2020

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